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Education does not have to be expensive and should be readily available to all our nations children

ARCRA is an educational research company offering educational products and services that help people improve their lives and the Erudite Pro is free to all kids and teachers K-12 and parents on the free/reduced lunch programs


A portion of each sale will go to purchase laptops for kids at Denver Children’s Hospital



More about Erudite Pro...

Erudite Pro is an online application with a powerful database back end.  The program is structured to collect various pieces of statistical data.  It collects Self-Assessment results for how well a student feels they know a word on a five point scale.  Then a Comprehension Test that gives the student four tries to get the right answer with hints along the way and a score.  The system also captures the four different wrong answers to help paint a picture of how close the student was to the right answer.  The Comprehension Tests are also timed to help benchmark the amount of time each test takes to complete.  Finally the Self-Assessment and Comprehension results are compared to each other for a metacognition result.  It is the intent of this project to work with a local college with an advanced Math & Science program to possibly help analyze the results to help find patterns in the data for all to share.



November has been a very busy month for final stages of development to prepare for the upcoming pilot in December.  Keep checking for updates on the kickoff date.

December 2015 will also be initial contacts to a local university to assist with data analysis portion of this project